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FSC Access Control Solutions

FSC Systems Access Control Utilizing NetAXS-123


Web based access control starting at one, two or three doors.

FSC's access control systems provide better employee access to the main entrances of a business.With our keyless entry and access control systems, you will be able to monitor who is coming and going from your building and when. You are able to limit the places and times employees are allowed to enter, ensuring your business is kept secure.

  • Be able to provide access temporarily and to multiple locations
  • Have a single database to organize and track all badge holders and activit
  • Limit access with photo image of card holder for verificationy
  • Be able to integrate if needed with video verification and surveillance
  • Be able to integrate with the premise burglar alarm system if needed
  • Scalable to grow as your company grows

Honeywell’s web-based access control offering now provides solutions for installations of any size. NetAXS® enables users to securely manage their system anywhere there’s an Internet connection—with no dedicated PC costs. The user-friendly design makes it simple to install and easy to operate and maintain. NetAXS gives you all the benefits of traditional access control such as helping you secure your doors, manage employee access, and manage sites remotely. It also lets you pull reports easily to meet compliance requirements. With a browser-based interface, your learning curve and training time are significantly decreased. And you don’t have to have a dedicated PC—simply log on and you’re ready to go, securely— from the office or anywhere. NetAXS has been developed with an installer-friendly design that easily adapts to existing IT infrastructure and methods. This means reduced installation and support cost. Its superior scalability means you can purchase the exact amount of access control you need now—and add doors later as business needs change. Plus, NetAXS integrates with Honeywell’s fully-featured WIN-PAK and MAXPRO Cloud softwares to enable more robust and sophisticated NetAXS integrations. So as your system grows, NetAXS grows with you.

System Highlights:

  • SIMPLE: Manage your access control anywhere with an Internet connection
  • SCALABLE: Purchase the exact amount of access control you need now and easily add doors later
  • FLEXIBLE: Compatible with WIN-PAK® XE, WIN-PAK SE, WIN-PAK PE, WIN-PAK PRO CS (managed access) software and MAXPRO Cloud service.
  • Access Control: A Growing Opportunity

Today, security – personal, logical and physical, is more top of mind than ever. End users from building tenants to small business owners to enterprise security officers are more aware of their security needs than before and are realizing that electronic access control is central to managing security better. Whether it’s a small strip mall or a medium-sized office building – controlling access to the facility is a critical component of managing business risk today.

While this is a significant opportunity for commercial security dealers such as you, it also poses several challenges. How do you offer solutions that are scalable and flexible to meet the unique and varying needs of your customer base? How do you enhance the skills of your operations staff to support your customers better? How do you keep up with the changing technologies and evolving standards? How do you continue to grow your business? We at FSC understand your concerns. With over 10 years in the access control industry, we have the products, the services and the support structure to meet your needs and help you grow.

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